Live More Awards

The Live More Awards celebrates people who see the need and make the choice to create better, more fulfilling lives for others. To help others, live more.

At the core of Northwood is our commitment to social justice. We like to call it the power of love. Social justice is action, based on values and beliefs. And it is these actions and values that make Northwood a unique and rich organization, offering a multitude of programs, services and residential care for our most vulnerable population. Northwood’s power of love is rooted in our six action pillars of advocay, research, innovation, diversity, community and loving care. Everything we do is, and everyone who works at Northwood, lives the power of love through these social justice pillars. But we cannot, and do not, do this alone.

In addition to honouring the receipient of the Hedley G. Ivany Live More Award, we have the additional pleasure of offering our small token of thanks to six people who characterize the many external organizations, volunteers and partners that help bring our Northwood experience to life. These individuals represent some of the amazing stories and thousdands of loving people who help us do more, give more and live more every day.

The 2017 Live More Awards will be held on April 29th, 2017 at the Cunard Centre. This year we will be honouring Mr. Jim Dickson and his work in the community. Jim has asked that at the Awards dinner, we instead honour his mother Katherine Dickson, who is now living at Northwood.

"My mother is a remarkable person who has had a wonderful life. From growing up on a small farm in a very remote area of Cape Breton Island, my mother went on to spend most of her 35 year career as a teacher who focused on the education of children and youth with special needs. Even through her late 70's and 80's, my mother was actively involved in her church and her community in New Waterford, Nova Scotia until about 4 years ago, when she started to experience the symptoms of both Alzheimer's and Dementia. Our mother's disease progressed rapidly and she lives every day with the great challenges that these conditions present. Our family's experience has encouraged us to work with Northwood so that funds could be raised through this event to create a new Alzheimer's and Dementia Family Program - the first in Atlantic Canada and help with the costs of the facilities and supplies necessary for its establishment."

- Jim Dickson