The Bragg Foundation, together with the Northwood Foundation has created the Jean MacLean and Zillah Bragg Wish Fund to grant wishes to care residents living at Northwood and in care facilities throughout rural Nova Scotia. The wish fund honours Judy Bragg’s mother, Jean MacLean and John Bragg’s mother, Zillah Bragg.

Northwood has long recognized the need to change the perception of aging and the reality of living in long term care facilities. We believe that we continue to develop close relationships, have meaningful interactions and experience all that life has to offer as we age. Northwood wanted to find a way to honour and enrich the lives of those who live in long term care by granting wishes.

On behalf of the Jean MacLean and Zillah Bragg Wish Fund, Northwood oversees the administration and awarding of wishes to residents living in a long term care facility in Nova Scotia.

To be eligible:

  • The individual(s) must be a resident of a long term care facility in Nova Scotia. Funds will be divided equally between Northwood In-Care Living clients and In-Care Living seniors residing in nursing homes in rural Nova Scotia outside of Halifax.
  • The individual(s) must need financial, personal or emotional support to make the wish come true

Wishes will be granted in conjunction with the resident, family and the resident’s facility. The individual/family assume all risk. The family and /or facility must support and provide assistance to facilitate the granting of the wish. Other than financial support, Northwood does not provide resources to grant wishes.

The individual, family and facility should be prepared to share their story with the public.

All requests for wishes must be made through the Northwood Foundation. The family, attending physician and the facility must be notified and approve the wish before it can be fulfilled. Applications can be made by:

  • The resident themselves
  • A family member
  • Long term care facility
  • A medical or care professional


There are many different types of wishes that can be granted and are as diverse as the individuals who request them. Examples include:

  • A day trip to see a show
  • Travel to see a family member out of the area
  • Hosting a family party/celebration at a local restaurant
  • Reliving a memory or a special time
  • A non-medical item or project to enhance quality of life

Wishes that cannot be granted under the fund include:

  • Payment of bills or direct gifts of money to an individual or his/her family
  • Payment for medical treatment, life-saving or sustaining equipment or services
  • Purchase of physical assets such as houses, cars or equipment
  • Wishes that may have political, illegal implications or are dangerous in nature.

A selection committee will review applications twice a year (in April and October) and award wishes based on the quality of the submission, resources and/or support required and the complexity of the wish. Not all wishes can be granted. Financial assistance is limited to a maximum of $1,000 per wish. The number of wishes granted will depend on available funds.

The recipient, their families and the facility agree to provide documentation (including pictures) that the wish has been granted. The recipient, their families and the facility also agree to allow Eastlink and Northwood to feature and/or advertise the wish in various media including, but not restricted to, print, television and internet as part of its promotion of the program.

Privacy Policy:
Northwood respects the privacy of our wish recipients and their families. All medical and personal information is kept confidential and is not communicated with outside parties unless consent is provided.