Live More Park

The Northwood Foundation is leading a fundraising campaign to build a fully accessible Garden Park in Bedford West. The 1 acre Garden Park will break ground in Spring 2016 and be located at 123 Gary Martin Dr on the front lawn of the Christina and Hedley G. Ivany Place.

The 1st community garden in the area, the Garden Park will provide a much needed publicly accessible, outdoor recreational space. By celebrating positive recreational pursuits together, the Garden Park can promote a culture of inclusion and acceptance. The residents who live at Ivany Place are thrilled with the project and very involved in the planning!

To make this dream a reality, we rely on the generous contributions of our partners, local businesses and individuals who, like you, care about your community and want to make a difference. As a Friend of the Garden your donation can help us purchase flowers, shrubs and trees for the gardens and the fruit and nut orchard. Your support can also help us build accessible paths and a community programming space, in addition to gardening plots to grow strawberries and tomatoes!

You will also receive an official income tax receipt for your donation. To read more about the Live More park, click here

For more information, please contact Faye LeBlanc at 902-454-3378