About the Northwood Foundation

Committed to enhancing the quality of life for Nova Scotia’s aging community.

Those living in the Northwood Communities are at the centre of what we do at the Foundation. They are our why. We look forward to making everyone’s aging experience the best it can be and help our community live more.

The Northwood Foundation relies on the generosity of donor support.

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Loving Care

We know we can’t do this alone. Donor support is vital.

To ensure Northwood remains a leader in continuing care, the Northwood Foundation raises funds for several programs and services that help our community have a great quality of life and a purpose to their days.

Meet Our Team

Amy Johnson

Amy Johnson

Donor Relations Assistant


Katherine Nehiley

Katherine Nehiley

Fund Development Officer


Learn More About Northwood

Ed Roach

Created in 1962 by our visionary leader, Ed Roach, Northwood had its roots in social justice – and became the first, affordable housing association in Nova Scotia. Today, Northwood remains the largest, non-profit leader in continuing care East of Montreal – touching the lives of over 7,000 Nova Scotians every day.

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Northwood’s visionary leader, Ed Roach, believed in creating a community where people lived with belonging, dignity and choice. Ed partnered with business leaders who believed in his vision and established Northwood in 1962 – the first affordable housing community in Nova Scotia.

In 1979, the Northwood Foundation was established with the aim of embodying Ed Roach’s principles and generating funds for the benefit of Northwood’s residents and tenants through various fundraising initiatives.