Hair Care

Regular hair care for our residents is just as important for their overall well-being as the medications they take, the food they eat, and the family and friends they see. Having their hair done, makes them look good and feel better. Self-care is found to also help reduce depression and isolation since it is an opportunity for socialization and human touch. Unfortunately, many cannot afford to have their hair cut, or styled. Thanks to donor support, residents are able to get their hair done in the comfort of their own home. Northwood offers affordable hair care for residents and tenants so that they can feel empowered right at home.

Viola is a regular customer at the Ageless Hair Salon in Northwood. Almost every week, Viola is always incredibly happy and smiling, a privilege that is made possible by the generosity of a donor.

You can help people like Viola feel good too. Please consider helping a resident get their hair done by donating towards hair care today.

We can’t do what we do without you. Every donation, big or small, helps us make everyone’s aging experience the best it can be.